Establishment of the Joint Venture Compan

Qi-Chem and P&M-invest had a negotiation and finally resulted in signing the agreement between the two parties to establish the joint venture company, which is named as "Q&P Technology Co., Ltd.", on February 14-17th, 2017. In April, the registration was started officially. The Joint Venture "Q&P Technology Co., Ltd." is established on June 30th, 2017 and located in Dalian.


 The Target of the Joint Venture Company
The Joint Venture Company will focus on the production of chloropentafluorobenzene, hexafluorobenzene and pentafluorophenol at the production site of Qi-Chem in China. With the rich production experience of Qi-Chem, who is specialized in the customer manufacturing on intermediates of agrochemical, pharmaceutical and special chemicals, and the most advanced technology from P&M-invest, the capacity of the above products is over 200MT per year and it can be increased as it is required. The Joint Venture Company is targeting on providing the product with lowest cost and the best quality to all of our custome

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