About us

        Located in Dalian Biopharma industrial park, the joint-venture company is established by P&M-INVEST Company from Russia and Qi-Chem Co., Ltd from China in July, 2017, which is specialized in developing and selling high technical fluoro compound. The product covers the field of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronic chemicals.

       Providing the service of standard product production and contract manufacturing to global customers, the joint venture company is introduced with the most advanced technology from P&M-INVEST to realize the commercial production through the industrial park provided by Qi-Chem Co.,Ltd. So far, hexafluorobenzene, pentafluorophenol and Chloropentafluorobenzene are successful commercialized. And more and more products will be pushed out, such as aliphatic series, pyridine series and multi-fluoro compounds to satisfy the needs of high quality and high technical products.

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